Water nozzles that even NASA would be proud of

Helping people grow plants faster with new technology

When you think of gardening, you don’t typically think of innovation—until you meet people who are passionate about gardening. Pure Rain is a company that developed a new technology that adds millions of microscopic nanobubbles to ordinary tap water to help your plants absorb nutrients quickly, making them healthier, stronger, and more disease-resistant. They came to us for help shaping the entire experience of interacting with their brand.

Creating an offline and online experience that’s original and refreshing

We started by going through an in-depth discovery process with the people who created Pure Rain, drawing out their science-based approach to gardening and infusing it into a visual and verbal strategy guide. We put Pure Rain’s new brand identity into action in the form of packaging design, product naming, and website content and design to create a unique, user friendly brand that stands out from the others in the gardening aisle and reflects the company’s refreshing, simply clean style.